nsu & Squeezer – Juice of Life

Juice of Life

Juice of Life

To mark the relaunch of Newclear’s back catalogue on Beatport with our new distributor Proton, the “Juice of Life” collaboration between nsu & Squeezer is being re-released together with the remix by the Soul Science, to mark a new chapter for Newclear Music.

The single is available now in digital format from Bandcamp and Beatport, and will be available later from other online retailers.

nsu & Squeezer – Juice of Life – NCMR001DS-X
1. Juice of Life 5:12
2. Juice of Life (Soul Science Remix) 6:16

nsu – The Last Sunrise – Remixes

The Last Sunrise - Remixes

The Last Sunrise – Remixes

The latest offering on Newclear Music is a long-anticipated collection of remixes of “The Last Sunrise”, a signature tune from nsu, in collaboration with Squeezer.

Opening the curtains is the long-time favourite from nsu‘s live set, the Immortal Mix – a fusion of dubstep rhythms, uplifting strings, and live electronica vibes. Next up is a newcomer to the Newclear team, Virus from Novi Sad in Serbia, whose remix blends funky breakbeats with a sliced-up melody from the original. Nort is on deck again, and locks an infectious groove with the original theme, for a driving tech number that is set to move all dance-floors under the sky. Newclear favourites Soul Science return yet again, this time with a lush, deep liquid cut, with only traces of the original present. Taking the EP into a distant dimension is Stray Theories, who uses original elements to reconstruct an ethereal ambient experience. And finally, closing out the remix EP is Squeezer‘s latest energetic re-interpretation of the tune that has been evolving through stages since 2001.

The EP is available now in digital (mp3) format from Bandcamp, Apple iTunes, JunoDownload.com, AmazonMP3 as well as from the Spotify streaming service.

nsu – The Last Sunrise – Remixes – NCMR008EP
1. The Last Sunrise feat. Squeezer (The Immortal Mix) 6:01
2. The Last Sunrise feat. Squeezer (Virus Remix) 5:16
3. The Last Sunrise feat. Squeezer (Nort Remix) 7:56
4. The Last Sunrise feat. Squeezer (Soul Science Remix) 5:10
5. The Last Sunrise feat. Squeezer (Stray Theories Remix) 6:42
6. The Last Sunrise feat. Squeezer (Squeezer Remix) 4:19

Click here for full Press Release

Check the promo video for the release: Vimeo (HD) | YouTube (HD)

Free nsu Releases, Meatgrinder Remixes

nsu Back Catalogue Available for Free

The first four releases by nsu on Newclear Music are now available as free downloads from nsu’s Bandcamp site. You can now grab the following releases in a number of digital formats, without paying for them:

We have also significantly dropped the price of last year’s Rescapé remix album, in anticipation of the next release by nsu, the remix EP for “The Last Sunrise”.

In addition to that, we’re planning on releasing a bunch of VIP and promo only versions of some of the tracks from the earlier releases, in a free download digital collection soon. Watch this space.

Remixers for Roadkill’s EP Confirmed

One of the upcoming releases on Newclear Music will be the “Meatgrinder” remix EP by Roadkill. Alongside the original version, which can be heard here, the EP will include remixes by the following artists:

  • The Supersonic Army
  • Late Night OD
  • Soul Science
  • Haszari
  • nsu


Squeezer – Pure Juice – Remixes

Pure Juice - Remixes

Pure Juice – Remixes

The latest release on Newclear Music is also the first official release by Auckland’s Squeezer – a 5-track multi-genre remix EP of their 2008 chill-out number “Pure Juice”, written and performed by Karl Howe and David Czepanski.

First up is Squeezer’s own TSV Mix, a pumping, uplifting rework of the original. It is followed-up by newcomer Will Marshall, and his extension of the downbeat/chill-out theme, with a hint of breaks. Next on the line up is Dunedin man Haszari, whose remix simply had to be pigeon-holed and it was decided that it was none other than “back room summer jandal acid disco”. Then, Soul Science return again for Newclear and head straight for a dancefloor assault with a slamming drum & bass cut. Finally, nsu dives into experimental territory and delivers a dark mix infused with elements of ambient, dubstep, garage and jungle.

The original version of “Pure Juice”, which is not on this release, can be heard here.

The EP is available now in digital (mp3) format from Bandcamp, Beatport, Apple iTunes, and JunoDownload.com.

Squeezer – Pure Juice – Remixes – NCMR005EP
1. Pure Juice (TSV Mix) 3:36
2. Pure Juice (Will Marshall Remix) 5:32
3. Pure Juice (Haszari Remix) 7:49
4. Pure Juice (Soul Science Remix) 7:02
5. Pure Juice (nsu Remix) 6:05

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DJ Set @ Be, Highlights from Zen, Upcoming Releases

Be Thursdays - July 15

Thursdays @ Be, DJ Set – July 15th

This Thursday, July 15th is yet another regular club night at Be Club (Commerce St, central Auckland), and nsu will DJing back to back with UP FM’s Macros, joined on the night by AP3X & Joe Revell. The night kicks off at 10pm and goes until the small hours. Entry is free, there will be drink specials and it is a great chance to hear some new and unreleased nsu work played on the much-loved sound-system at Be.

So if you’re in Auckland this Thursday, make sure you put your name down on the facebook event wall and drop in for a drink (or 7!) and some  fine selections.

nsu Live @ Zen, May '10

Highlights from “10 @ Zen”

In May, nsu performed a live set at the 10 year celebration of the NZ Music Month at a showcase gig held at Zen in Auckland.

You can watch some highlights from the gig below, and check out some photos from the set here. You can also check out the recording of the full 1 hour set here.

Massive respect and gratitude to Eva Evade and her entire team for organizing a great night at FuZen, and to Dave U for the footage and photos.

New Material / Upcoming Releases

“Neutron Star MMX”, a techy 2010 treatment of the original is the first of several nsu works to be released through Cartoon Beats. Full details of the so-called “Deep Space” EP will be announced in the next update.

[soundcloud url=”http://soundcloud.com/nsu/neutron-star-mmx” params=”auto_play=false&player_type=tiny&font=Verdana&color=3995e5″ width=”100%” height=”18″ ]

The nsu remix for Squeezer‘s “Pure Juice” has been in the works since the middle of 2009, and has gone through several transitions in the live set during that time. The final mix combines subtle elements of chill out, jungle, dubstep and big-beat, and is tentatively scheduled to be released later in 2010 on newclear music, along with mixes from another 2 artists. More announcements soon.

[soundcloud url=”http://soundcloud.com/nsu/squeezer-project-pure-juice-nsu-remix” params=”auto_play=false&player_type=tiny&font=Verdana&color=3995e5″ width=”100%” height=”18″ ]