nsu – Archeology Volume One

Archeology Volume One

Archeology Volume One

A collection to signal the transition between eras, the first installment in the “Archeology” series closes the door on the “Escape” period and all the releases since 2009 until present by nsu, to pave way for future releases.

The concept of the “Archeology” series is to dig up versions of older tunes which did not see light of day on any official releases, and unleash them to the fans, as a free download. These tracks were previously either available exclusively to DJ’s and radio stations, or were kept under wraps.

Amongst the 16 tracks in the first volume are collaborations with Squeezer, Siknik and JR Trap, as well remixes from the likes of Nikolozi, Bromide Dub, and Sharkweek.

The collection is available now in digital format, as a free download from Bandcamp.


nsu – Archeology Volume One - NCMR012DD
1. Juice of Life feat. Squeezer (Edit) 3:23
2. West Coast Dub feat. Squeezer (Edit) 4:20
3. Panic Bells feat. Siknik (Edit) 4:24
4. Upside Down feat. JR Trap (Edit) 4:28
5. Discordia (Edit) 4:26
6. Panic Bells feat. Siknik (Bromide Dub VIP Mix) 8:49
7. Neutron Star MMX (VIP Dub Mix) 6:17
8. Concordia 6:46
9. The Mystical Tree (Nikolozi Remix) 7:44
10. Upside Down (Instrumental) 5:25
11. Panic Bells (Extended Instrumental) 7:05
12. Discordia (Club Edit) 6:04
13. Upside Down feat. JR Trap (Clean Edit) 4:28
14. Neutron Star MMX (Sharkweek Remix) 4:44
15. Panic Bells feat. Siknik (Siknik Remix) 3:29
16. Upside Down feat. JR Trap (Acapella) 5:25

nsu РRescap̩



The first release for 2011 by  nsu is a downbeat/ambient remix concept album, showcasing the work of a select group of producers from all around New Zealand. The album is titled “Rescapé” (French for “survivor”), a play on the title of the 2009 EP “Escape”, and its release signals a game-changer:

“Having released a couple of remix singles last year, primarily focusing around styles such as dubstep, breakbeat, house, electro and techno, I wanted to flip the coin and move away from the dance floor in order put the spotlight on the more laid-back genres, while staying true to the remix art form. The intention is to have something  that, regardless of the environment, encourages people to listen and allow inside their headspace, rather than have an hour full of  slamming rhythms and pulverising basslines.” – Ivan Vuković (IV), nsu

Collaborations are the key strength of the album, as the compilation features new versions of previously released nsu tracks put together by handpicked producers:

“I love the concept of a remix and hearing how other musicians construct their own interpretations of my work. As a result I was keen to put together a full-length album project that involved artists from around the country whose work I have admired over the years – the bonus here is, I can refer to most of these guys as my friends. I love working together with other people and I’m very proud of the outcome on this album – it plays very nicely from start to end.” – IV

The album features sublime new work from respected New Zealand artists such as Auckland’s Dub Asylum and  Soul Science,  762 (one half of  Sick Cycle from Christchurch), Raglan’s Felix Deluxe and  Jason Lurman (from Hamilton instrumental rock band Sora Shima), as well as chill-out specialists from the South Island – Invader Tron (CHCH), Sharkweek (Dunedin) and Stray Theories (NZ/AUS). nsu also delivers two of his own fresh new reworks, including a collaboration with Haszari of the Cartoon Beats fame.

The album is available now in digital (MP3) format from Bandcamp, Apple iTunes, JunoDownload.com, AmazonMP3 and other online retailers. CDs can be ordered online from Amplifier.co.nz.

nsu – Rescapé - NCMR006LP
1. Broken Mirror (Felix Deluxe Remix) 3:49
2. Panic Bells feat. Siknik (762 Remix) 3:32
3. Discordia (Invader Tron Remix) 5:51
4. Juice of Life feat. Squeezer (Soul Science Remix) 6:15
5. West Coast Dub feat. Squeezer (Dub Asylum Remix) 5:14
6. Slow Motion Stellar Collapse feat. Haszari 7:00
7. Far From Comfort (Sharkweek Remix) 6:55
8. The Mystical Tree (Whakapapa Dub) 4:32
9. Sixteen 786 feat. Lost in Japan (Stray Theories Remix) 5:34
10. Upside Down feat. JR Trap (Sora Shima Remix) 8:06

Click Here for full Press Release

Neutron Star MMX – Sharkweek Remix

Neutron Star MMX - Sharkweek Remix

Following the success of the original version of “Neutron Star MMX” as part of the “Deep Space EP” (out now on Cartoon Beats) in late 2010, Dunedin’s Sharkweek opens the account for 2011 and stretches and bends the space-time continuum to travel to another galaxy and bring back his own quirky ambient/psychedelic version of the tune.

Click here to download Neutron Star MMX – Sharkweek Remix (11MB zip)

nsu – Neutron Star MMX – Sharkweek Remix – NCMF009DD
1. Neutron Star MMX (Sharkweek’s “Quantum Mechanical Blob” Remix) 4:44

Also available for free download:
NCMF008DD – The Mystical Tree – Remixes

New and Forthcoming Releases for nsu

Shark 'n' Taties - Sharkweek Remixed - Out Now!

Shark 'n' Taties: Sharkweek Remixed - Album Out Now!

nsu Remixes out now on Sharkweek Remix Album

Dunedin’s psychedelic/ambient specialist Sharkweek has recently released the much-anticipated “Shark ‘n’ Taties – Sharkweek Remixed” album (through Electrode Records), which features two remixes by nsu (“Moonrise Over Kerala” and “Reach Out to the Stars“), alongside amazing works by a number of esteemed electronic artists from around New Zealand.

The remix album is available in digital format from online stores such as Apple iTunes and Juno Download (amongst several others) and you can buy copies on CD (which is graced by the amazing record sleeve artwork by Peter Lewis himself) direct from Electrode Records or Amplifier.

Forthcoming nsu work on Cartoon Beats

Due in September 2010 is the 3rd release from the Dunedin-based Cartoon Beats label, and the first to feature nsu: Haszari & nsu – It’s Not Real/ Neutron Star MMX (CBR003) aka “The Deep Space EP”. The release will also feature remix contributions from legendary NZ duo Aural Trash and up & coming electro fidget house producer Snake Charmer from LA. The package will be available in digital format from the usual online retailers. Tracks currently confirmed for the release are:

  • Haszari – It’s Not Real
  • Haszari – It’s Not Real (nsu’s “Are Those Real?” Remix)
  • Haszari – It’s Not Real (Aural Trash “Pass The Dutchie” Remix)
  • nsu – Neutron Star MMX
  • nsu – Neutron Star MMX (Haszari “SSE” Remix)
  • nsu – Neutron Star MMX (Snake Charmer Remix)

The above track-list is due to have two more additions, and a full announcement will be made soon. Keep an eye on the Cartoon Beats website and the Cartoon Beats Facebook page for full updates.

You can take a listen to the recently completed remix of “It’s Not Real” by nsu here:

[soundcloud url=”http://soundcloud.com/nsu/haszari-its-not-real-nsu-are-those-real-remix” params=”auto_play=false&player_type=tiny&font=Verdana&color=0066ff” width=”100%” height=”18″ ]

Also completed is the nsu remix of “RE Memory” by SoNic Smith, which you can also have a listen to below. This track will be on the CBR004 release, with full details yet to be confirmed and announced.

[soundcloud url=”http://soundcloud.com/nsu/sonic-smith-re-memory-nsu-fw-vision-remix” params=”auto_play=false&player_type=tiny&font=Verdana&color=0066ff” width=”100%” height=”18″ ]

Upside Down Remix Single – Coming Soon

The next official release will be the digital-only single with remixes of “Upside Down”, a follow up to the “Panic Bells” remix single. This time, there will be a remix by Nikolozi with the second mix yet to be officially confirmed. The release is due out in the next couple of months. You can listen to Nikolozi’s thumping version below:

[soundcloud url=”http://soundcloud.com/nsu/upside-down-feat-jr-trap-nikolozi-remix” params=”auto_play=false&player_type=tiny&font=Verdana&color=33cc00″ width=”100%” height=”18″ ]

Auckland Gig, Panic Bells Unleashed, Upcoming Releases

10 @ Zen

10 @ Zen, May 22

nsu Live @ NZ Music Month presents “10 @ Zen”

The next Auckland gig for nsu takes place on Saturday May 22nd – In celebration of 10 years of NZ Music Month, nsu will line up alongside a score of other NZ artists for a big night at Auckland’s Zen (cnr Albert & Wolfe St). If you’ve been there before, you’ll know all about the big sound-system.

Come and see nsu play one of his last AKL shows for a while. Tickets to the event are $10; Click here for full details of the event.

Panic Bells – Single & Video Released, Launch Party Re-cap

The Panic Bells remix single, featuring cuts by AP3X & Bromide Dub, was released in late April and is now available from a variety of digital retailers (click here for details on where to purchase your copy), including the new official nsu Bandcamp page.

Bromide Dub Live

Bromide Dub Live @ Panic Bells

The video for “Panic Bells” is also finally out, and has had an incredible response online and is now showing on New Zealand’s JuiceTV & C4TV channels. You can watch the video here and make sure you also check out some pictures from behind-the-scenes of the filming, as well as read a bit of background on how the project came together.

Thank you to everyone who was at the Video Premiere & Single Release party held at Galatos in late April. You can also see some pictures from the night by clicking here and footage may be available at a later date.

Sharkweek - Gimme Gimme Shark Treatment

Gimme Gimme Shark Treatment

Remix of nsu Track on New Sharkweek Compilation

“Far From Comfort”, an early instrumental version of “Upside Down” has been remixed by Sharkweek, Dunedin’s standout ambient producer. The resulting piece is a psychedelic lounge version, sampling an instructional speech on meditation (in true Sharky style!).

The remix appears on the newly released “Gimme Gimme Shark Treatment” remix album by Sharkweek, also featuring remixes for the likes of Pitch Black, Stray Theories, Sick Cycle and more. Click here to listen to, and purchase the remix album.

nsu Joins Cartoon Beats

Cartoon Beats Reality

Cartoon Beats Reality

nsu has joined the ever-growing roster of artists on Dunedin’s Cartoon Beats label (click here for nsu’s profile). The first release on the schedule will be Haszari‘s “It’s Not Real” backed with nsu’s 2010 version of “Neutron Star”. California’s Snake Charmer will be on remix duties and the release will also see nsu & Haszari swap remixes of the title tracks. Full details announced in the next update.

General Update

Here’s a general run-down on what’s on the horizon for nsu:

  • Follow-up to “Panic Bells” remix single in the pipeline – more details in next update
  • nsu’s remixes of Sharkweek tracks to be released on forthcoming “Shark & Taties” remix album, also to feature works by other NZ artists
  • Remixes for Stray Theories & Squeezer completed and scheduled for release late 2010/early 2011. A couple of other remixes also penciled in (TBC)
  • Remix duties on follow-up Cartoon Beats EP confirmed. Full details in the near future
  • Follow up to “Escape” EP penciled for late 2011/early 2012
  • No more live gigs until at least late 2011