Mid-2012 Update

Upcoming Releases

We’ve just scheduled two new releases for the second half of 2012, and both will continue our current run of the multi-genre remix EP format. Here’s the tentative line-up:

  • NCMR008EP: nsu – The Last Sunrise feat. Squeezer – Remixes: Old live favourite by nsu, given the treatment by Stray Theories, Soul Science, Nort, Squeezer and Newclear-newcomer Sameless Cut/Virus.
  • NCMR009EP: Roadkill – Meatgrinder – Remixes: Explosive breakbeat-rave rhythms on this one – full list of remixers yet to be confirmed, but we’ll have some household names as well as some fresh faces.

Full release schedule and track-listings to be confirmed in the next update.

Higher - Remixes

Higher – Remixes

Stray Theories – Higher – Remixes

Our latest release arrived in late June and has been received warmly. The release is available now in digital format from online retailers, and you can read all about it in the official press release. You can also watch the promo video for the release here.

We are now looking to promote the release on Dunedin’s Radio 1 91FM, and would like to break into their weekly Top 11 chart on Tuesdays. You can help us by voting:

  1. Go to the Top 11 Page.
  2. On the form on the right, enter the following info:
  • Artist: Stray Theories
  • Song: Higher (nsu Remix)

Your help is appreciated!

Mid-Year Update

Pure Juice - Remixes

Pure Juice – Remixes

Here’s a brief list of what else has been happening and what’s coming up:

  • While late 2011 and early 2012 have been quiet, some things have been going on behind the scenes. Last year’s downbeat/chill-out concept remix album “Rescapé” achieved #10 on JunoDownload’s downbeat charts, and we also unleashed the first release by an artist other than nsu: Squeezer’s “Pure Juice” remix EP.
  • nsu has recently completed his second remix for the upcoming double-A-side on Cartoon Beats Recordings (CBR004) EP, “Blood Orange/RE Memory” by Haszari & SoNic Smith. Look-out for the previews in the next few weeks.
  • Earlier this year, nsu joined the Audio Colours collective – a group of musicians based in Novi Sad, Serbia, specialising in genres such as reggae, dub, drum’n’bass, dubstep and breakbeat, amongst others. There are plans for a lot of collaborations, and Virus/Sameless Cut is the first Audio Colours member to be included in a future Newclear release (see top story).
  • In April, nsu played his first live gig outside of New Zealand, at the 2nd edition of the Audio Colours Experience night. The gig took place at the Petrovaradin Fortress, and you can see some highlights from nsu’s set here.

As always, thanks to everyone for their support. We’re looking forward to more good beats and gigs 🙂

Stray Theories – Higher – Remixes

Higher - Remixes

Higher – Remixes

A long time coming, Newclear Music is proud to finally bring you one of the finest ever pieces by Micah D. Wolfe (aka Stray Theories, based out of South Island, NZ) – the ultimate uplifting drum’n’bass cut, “Higher”.

Opening the release is the original rush-inducing Stray Theories version. Then, Soul Science are back again and this time take us for a spin into nu-skool jungle territory but still keeping with their signature liquid flavour. Following up is Melbourne-based Cantabrian Nort, who contributes a thumping, techy rinse-out. Rounding off the EP, nsu again leans to the experimental side and drops a soaring track referencing dub, jungle, dubstep, and live electronica – a number that heavily features in his live sets.

The EP is available now in digital (mp3) format from Bandcamp, Apple iTunes, JunoDownload.com, AmazonMP3 as well as from the Spotify streaming service.

Stray Theories – Higher – Remixes – NCMR007EP
1. Higher 5:31
2. Higher (Soul Science Remix) 5:15
3. Higher (Nort Remix) 7:18
4. Higher (nsu Remix) 7:13

Click here for full Press Release

Check the promo video for the release: Vimeo (HD) | YouTube (HD)

New Album, 2010 Highlights, 2011 Plans

Rescap̩ РNew Remix Album out April 25

nsu’s first release for 2011 comes in the form of a downbeat style remix album, featuring new versions of earlier nsu tunes by artists from around New Zealand. You can read detailed background info on the album, including the full list of artists involved, in the official press release.

The album will be available on CD as well as digital downloads – full details available on release date. You can listen to the remix album right now on nsu’s Bandcamp page:

2010 Highlights

Last year has been a relatively quiet year in terms of new work, so here’s a look at some of the stand-out moments from 2010:

Panic Bells Music Video

In late April 2010, after an amazing effort by everyone involved, we finally launched the much anticipated music video for “Panic Bells“. On the day of its release, the video achieved the accolade of the “Most Watched NZ Musician Channel” on YouTube.

You can read more about the making of the video, and watch it in HD on the following websites:

#1 Prog House Release on Juno Charts

The sole new production by nsu in 2010 was the tune “Neutron Star MMX“, which, together with Haszari’s “It’s Not Real” was released as a double-A-side EP on the Dunedin label Cartoon Beats, together with remixes from Aural Trash/Greg Churchill and Snake Charmer.

In late October, the “Deep Space” EP reached #1 on JunoDownload’s “Progressive House” release chart for one whole week, in addition to hitting the 5th spot on the overall “House” charts.

Upside Down Remix reaches #2 on Dunedin’s Radio One

Thanks to dedicated fans and their votes, Nikolozi’s remix of “Upside Down” entered Radio One’s weekly Top 11 countdown at #2, and kept its position for two weeks in November.

2011 Plans

For 2011, nsu has relocated to Europe and is now based in Novi Sad, Serbia over the Northern Summer. Here’s a quick look at what’s on the plate for the remainder of the year:

  • nsu Remix (and Dub!) of Squeezer’s “Pure Juice” due out mid-year on newclear Music, as part of “Pure Juice – Remixes” EP.
  • Currently in the works are remixes for Haszari’s “Blood Orange” and Stray Theories’ “Forget the Sunrise”
  • New EP started, release planned for late 2011
  • Reconstructing the live set for future gigs

New and Forthcoming Releases for nsu

Shark 'n' Taties - Sharkweek Remixed - Out Now!

Shark 'n' Taties: Sharkweek Remixed - Album Out Now!

nsu Remixes out now on Sharkweek Remix Album

Dunedin’s psychedelic/ambient specialist Sharkweek has recently released the much-anticipated “Shark ‘n’ Taties – Sharkweek Remixed” album (through Electrode Records), which features two remixes by nsu (“Moonrise Over Kerala” and “Reach Out to the Stars“), alongside amazing works by a number of esteemed electronic artists from around New Zealand.

The remix album is available in digital format from online stores such as Apple iTunes and Juno Download (amongst several others) and you can buy copies on CD (which is graced by the amazing record sleeve artwork by Peter Lewis himself) direct from Electrode Records or Amplifier.

Forthcoming nsu work on Cartoon Beats

Due in September 2010 is the 3rd release from the Dunedin-based Cartoon Beats label, and the first to feature nsu: Haszari & nsu – It’s Not Real/ Neutron Star MMX (CBR003) aka “The Deep Space EP”. The release will also feature remix contributions from legendary NZ duo Aural Trash and up & coming electro fidget house producer Snake Charmer from LA. The package will be available in digital format from the usual online retailers. Tracks currently confirmed for the release are:

  • Haszari – It’s Not Real
  • Haszari – It’s Not Real (nsu’s “Are Those Real?” Remix)
  • Haszari – It’s Not Real (Aural Trash “Pass The Dutchie” Remix)
  • nsu – Neutron Star MMX
  • nsu – Neutron Star MMX (Haszari “SSE” Remix)
  • nsu – Neutron Star MMX (Snake Charmer Remix)

The above track-list is due to have two more additions, and a full announcement will be made soon. Keep an eye on the Cartoon Beats website and the Cartoon Beats Facebook page for full updates.

You can take a listen to the recently completed remix of “It’s Not Real” by nsu here:

[soundcloud url=”http://soundcloud.com/nsu/haszari-its-not-real-nsu-are-those-real-remix” params=”auto_play=false&player_type=tiny&font=Verdana&color=0066ff” width=”100%” height=”18″ ]

Also completed is the nsu remix of “RE Memory” by SoNic Smith, which you can also have a listen to below. This track will be on the CBR004 release, with full details yet to be confirmed and announced.

[soundcloud url=”http://soundcloud.com/nsu/sonic-smith-re-memory-nsu-fw-vision-remix” params=”auto_play=false&player_type=tiny&font=Verdana&color=0066ff” width=”100%” height=”18″ ]

Upside Down Remix Single – Coming Soon

The next official release will be the digital-only single with remixes of “Upside Down”, a follow up to the “Panic Bells” remix single. This time, there will be a remix by Nikolozi with the second mix yet to be officially confirmed. The release is due out in the next couple of months. You can listen to Nikolozi’s thumping version below:

[soundcloud url=”http://soundcloud.com/nsu/upside-down-feat-jr-trap-nikolozi-remix” params=”auto_play=false&player_type=tiny&font=Verdana&color=33cc00″ width=”100%” height=”18″ ]

Support the new Single, South Island Tour, Great Hoax Remix released

Juice of Life / West Coast Dub - OUT NOW

Single Out Now!

Request the new single “Juice of Life” on Radio

It’s finally out, and, as well as buying it from a variety of online retailers (click here for details), you can also support us by requesting it on the airwaves from the following radio stations in New Zealand:

UP FM 107.5
95 bFM
George FM 96.8
KFM 106.9
Base FM 107.3
Fleet FM 88.3
Radio One 91 FM (Dunedin)
RDU 98.5 FM (Christchurch)

A little bit of leg-work by everyone out there will go a long way, and will, of course, be much appreciated!

nsu & Stray Theories Live

nsu & Stray Theories Live

South Island Tour

In October, nsu will be touring the South Island and playing live gigs for the first time outside of Auckland, as part of the Shortcircuit crew.

The following dates  and venues are confirmed:

– Fri 16th Oct – QUEENSTOWN – The Dux
with Cure Motel, Stray Theories, Romantech
– Sat 17th Oct – WANAKA – Red Rocks
with Cure Motel, Stray Theories, Romantech
– Sat 24th Oct – DUNEDIN – Sammy’s
with Haszari, SoNic Smith, Sharkweek, Symbiont, Cure Motel, Stray Theories, Romantech

More dates likely to be added to the schedule – keep checking back for updates, and make sure you catch us in your area!

The Great Hoax - Shapes EP - Out Now

The Great Hoax - Shapes EP

nsu Remix of The Great Hoax now released

nsu’s remix of “Insufficient Funds” by The Great Hoax has been released on their debut “Shapes” EP. The EP, made up of original works by the Wellington band, has an eclectic mix of styles ranging from psychedelic and experimental to gritty jazzy blues and electronic funk from various influences of music and philosophy.

Shapes EP on Amplifier.co.nz

“Panic Bells” Video Shoot complete

All shooting of the video for “Panic Bells” (taken from the forthcoming Escape EP and featuring Wellington’s Siknik) has now been completed, and the music is now in post-production stages.

You can see some behind the scenes photos (without spoilers!) in the following photo album:

Panic Bells Video: Behind the scenes

Panic Bells Video: Behind the scenes

Panic Bells Video Photos


Thanks to everyone for their massive support!