New and Forthcoming Releases for nsu

Shark 'n' Taties - Sharkweek Remixed - Out Now!

Shark 'n' Taties: Sharkweek Remixed - Album Out Now!

nsu Remixes out now on Sharkweek Remix Album

Dunedin’s psychedelic/ambient specialist Sharkweek has recently released the much-anticipated “Shark ‘n’ Taties – Sharkweek Remixed” album (through Electrode Records), which features two remixes by nsu (“Moonrise Over Kerala” and “Reach Out to the Stars“), alongside amazing works by a number of esteemed electronic artists from around New Zealand.

The remix album is available in digital format from online stores such as Apple iTunes and Juno Download (amongst several others) and you can buy copies on CD (which is graced by the amazing record sleeve artwork by Peter Lewis himself) direct from Electrode Records or Amplifier.

Forthcoming nsu work on Cartoon Beats

Due in September 2010 is the 3rd release from the Dunedin-based Cartoon Beats label, and the first to feature nsu: Haszari & nsu – It’s Not Real/ Neutron Star MMX (CBR003) aka “The Deep Space EP”. The release will also feature remix contributions from legendary NZ duo Aural Trash and up & coming electro fidget house producer Snake Charmer from LA. The package will be available in digital format from the usual online retailers. Tracks currently confirmed for the release are:

  • Haszari – It’s Not Real
  • Haszari – It’s Not Real (nsu’s “Are Those Real?” Remix)
  • Haszari – It’s Not Real (Aural Trash “Pass The Dutchie” Remix)
  • nsu – Neutron Star MMX
  • nsu – Neutron Star MMX (Haszari “SSE” Remix)
  • nsu – Neutron Star MMX (Snake Charmer Remix)

The above track-list is due to have two more additions, and a full announcement will be made soon. Keep an eye on the Cartoon Beats website and the Cartoon Beats Facebook page for full updates.

You can take a listen to the recently completed remix of “It’s Not Real” by nsu here:

[soundcloud url=”” params=”auto_play=false&player_type=tiny&font=Verdana&color=0066ff” width=”100%” height=”18″ ]

Also completed is the nsu remix of “RE Memory” by SoNic Smith, which you can also have a listen to below. This track will be on the CBR004 release, with full details yet to be confirmed and announced.

[soundcloud url=”” params=”auto_play=false&player_type=tiny&font=Verdana&color=0066ff” width=”100%” height=”18″ ]

Upside Down Remix Single – Coming Soon

The next official release will be the digital-only single with remixes of “Upside Down”, a follow up to the “Panic Bells” remix single. This time, there will be a remix by Nikolozi with the second mix yet to be officially confirmed. The release is due out in the next couple of months. You can listen to Nikolozi’s thumping version below:

[soundcloud url=”” params=”auto_play=false&player_type=tiny&font=Verdana&color=33cc00″ width=”100%” height=”18″ ]

Neutron Star / The Last Sunrise (Live)

Neutron Star / The Last Sunrise (Live) - NCMF005DD

Neutron Star / The Last Sunrise (Live) - NCMF005DD

We take a break from remixes and original studio versions, for a glimpse into the sound of nsu live.

The recording in this free download comes from near the end of the set of one of the very first live public performances by nsu, the Short:Circuit 5.5 gig at Fordes Bar, in December of 2008.

Click here to download Neutron Star / The Last Sunrise (Live) (24MB zip)

nsu – Neutron Star / The Last Sunrise (Live) – NCMF005DD
1. Neutron Star / The Last Sunrise (Live @ Short:Circuit 5.5, Dec ’08) 10:19

Look out for another two free download packages in the next two weeks.

Also available for free download:

NCMF001DD – Neutron Star – Remixes
NCMF002DD – The Last Sunrise / Spiritual Adrenalin – Remixes
NCMF003DD – Sensitivity – Remixes
NCMF004DD – Darkness

Neutron Star Remixes

Neutron Star - Remixes

Neutron Star Remixes NCMF001DD

The first in a series of retrospective releases is a duo of remixes of the first digital single “Neutron Star”. First up is Romantech‘s spacey liquid drum’n’bass take on the original. This is followed up on the “flip side” by an excellent polished-up techy/progressive (with a hint of tribal) version by Ralph’e’.

While the remixes were available previously under the late e-lusive banner, they are now available in high quality 320kbps MP3 format as a free download, with embedded artwork.

Click here to download the Neutron Star remixes (22MB zip)

nsu – Neutron Star – Remixes – NCMF001DD
1. Neutron Star [Romantech Remix] 6:22
2. Neutron Star [Ralph’e’s Triptonic in E Minor Version] 4:33

You can purchase the original 06 Version of “Neutron Star” by clicking here.

Over the next couple of months, there are plans for several more free digital download releases in the retrospective series, including remixes by Squeezer Project, James Lee, as well as standout nsu originals from the e-lusive era, for the first time all in high quality MP3 format. Keep your ears close to the ground.