Panic Bells – Siknik Remix

Panic Bells - Siknik Remix

Panic Bells - Siknik Remix

Siknik, the vocalist on the 2010 single “Panic Bells” is back to deliver his own experimental interpretation of the original, with dark, ambient overtones.

Click here to download Panic Bells – Siknik Remix (7MB zip)

nsu – Panic Bells – Siknik Remix – NCMF010DD
1. Panic Bells feat. Siknik (Siknik Remix) 3:29

Also available for free download:
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NCMF008DD – The Mystical Tree – Remixes

nsu – Escape EP

Escape EP

Escape EP

“Escape” is the latest release by nsu, a 5 track EP featuring collaborations with Siknik (vocals – Wellington), JR Trap (vocals – ND, USA), and Lost in Japan (guitar – Iceland) – A moody collection of electronic-based pieces, spanning several styles and representing a sonic journey from darkness to light.

The EP is available now as in CD and MP3 formats from Amplifier. MP3’s are also available on Bandcamp, Apple iTunes, Juno Download, AmazonMP3, and other online retailers.

You can also purchase the CD directly from newclear music – see the newclear store for details on how to make your order.

Listen to previews of the EP below:

nsu – Escape EP – NCMR002EP
1. Broken Mirror (Intro) 2:52
2. Panic Bells feat. Siknik 5:23
3. Discordia 5:47
4. Upside Down feat. JR Trap 5:20
5. Sixteen 786 feat. Lost in Japan 4:41