Stray Theories – Higher – Remixes

Higher - Remixes

Higher – Remixes

A long time coming, Newclear Music is proud to finally bring you one of the finest ever pieces by Micah D. Wolfe (aka Stray Theories, based out of South Island, NZ) – the ultimate uplifting drum’n’bass cut, “Higher”.

Opening the release is the original rush-inducing Stray Theories version. Then, Soul Science are back again and this time take us for a spin into nu-skool jungle territory but still keeping with their signature liquid flavour. Following up is Melbourne-based Cantabrian Nort, who contributes a thumping, techy rinse-out. Rounding off the EP, nsu again leans to the experimental side and drops a soaring track referencing dub, jungle, dubstep, and live electronica – a number that heavily features in his live sets.

The EP is available now in digital (mp3) format from Bandcamp, Apple iTunes,, AmazonMP3 as well as from the Spotify streaming service.

Stray Theories – Higher – Remixes – NCMR007EP
1. Higher 5:31
2. Higher (Soul Science Remix) 5:15
3. Higher (Nort Remix) 7:18
4. Higher (nsu Remix) 7:13

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Check the promo video for the release: Vimeo (HD) | YouTube (HD)

Squeezer – Pure Juice – Remixes

Pure Juice - Remixes

Pure Juice – Remixes

The latest release on Newclear Music is also the first official release by Auckland’s Squeezer – a 5-track multi-genre remix EP of their 2008 chill-out number “Pure Juice”, written and performed by Karl Howe and David Czepanski.

First up is Squeezer’s own TSV Mix, a pumping, uplifting rework of the original. It is followed-up by newcomer Will Marshall, and his extension of the downbeat/chill-out theme, with a hint of breaks. Next on the line up is Dunedin man Haszari, whose remix simply had to be pigeon-holed and it was decided that it was none other than “back room summer jandal acid disco”. Then, Soul Science return again for Newclear and head straight for a dancefloor assault with a slamming drum & bass cut. Finally, nsu dives into experimental territory and delivers a dark mix infused with elements of ambient, dubstep, garage and jungle.

The original version of “Pure Juice”, which is not on this release, can be heard here.

The EP is available now in digital (mp3) format from Bandcamp, Beatport, Apple iTunes, and

Squeezer – Pure Juice – Remixes – NCMR005EP
1. Pure Juice (TSV Mix) 3:36
2. Pure Juice (Will Marshall Remix) 5:32
3. Pure Juice (Haszari Remix) 7:49
4. Pure Juice (Soul Science Remix) 7:02
5. Pure Juice (nsu Remix) 6:05

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Panic Bells – Siknik Remix

Panic Bells - Siknik Remix

Panic Bells - Siknik Remix

Siknik, the vocalist on the 2010 single “Panic Bells” is back to deliver his own experimental interpretation of the original, with dark, ambient overtones.

Click here to download Panic Bells – Siknik Remix (7MB zip)

nsu – Panic Bells – Siknik Remix – NCMF010DD
1. Panic Bells feat. Siknik (Siknik Remix) 3:29

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Sixteen 786 & False Fugitive Remixes

Sixteen 786 / False Fugitive - Remixes

Sixteen 786 / False Fugitive - Remixes

We close off the retrospective series of free downloads with two very experimental remixes. Drum & bass DJ and producer Romantech pulls the tempo down goes electro-chill-out on his remix of nsu’s collaboration with Iceland’s Lost in Japan – the original version of “Sixteen 786” is due out on the “Escape” EP in late 2009. Giorgi then rounds off the package with a very ruff’n’drivin’ version of “False Fugitive”.

Click here to download Sixteen 786 / False Fugitive – Remixes (18MB zip)

nsu – Sixteen 786 / False Fugitive – Remixes – NCMF007DD
1. Sixteen 786 feat. Lost in Japan [Romantech Remix] 4:24
2. False Fugitive [Giorgi Remix] 4:17

And that’s it! All free releases from now on will be new works – watch out for NCMF008DD in two weeks, where we will dropping two solid new remixes of “The Mystical Tree”.

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