nsu – Resurrection EP

Resurrection EP

Resurrection EP

The “Resurrection” EP signals the return of nsu, featuring new tracks and remixes which have in one form or another, featured in the live shows over the past few years.

Opening up the EP is the title track, with strong reggae and dubstep influences, and Deepstoned (of Irie Revolution Sound) leading the vocal charge. “Boulevard“, a rebuilt Virus tune, continues the dubwise theme, and features Mak Floss on vocals.

Deepstoned returns with an apocalyptic vocal hook on “Blood Pressure Dub“, a refreshed version of an earlier nsu remix for Haszari of Cartoon Beats. “Incapacitate” is the darkest and most twisted moment on this EP, a growling breakbeat monster, which was written and recorded together with members of RSBM.

A re-edited version of nsu’s uplifting jungle/step “Higher” remix for Stray Theories is resurrected, and appears as “Rise Up” on the EP. Finally, DNB duo Absolute Value & bLazem deliver a percussive version of “Resurrection“, to close out the EP.

The EP is available now for download from:

The EP is also available for streaming from the following services:

nsu – Resurrection (NCMR013EP)
1. Resurrection feat. Deepstoned (5:39)
2. Boulevard feat Virus & Mak Floss (5:01)
3. Blood Pressure Dub feat. Haszari & Deepstoned (5:22)
4. Incapacitate feat. RSBM (5:28)
5. Rise Up feat. Stray Theories (5:30)
6. Resurrection feat. Deepstoned (Absolute Value & bLazem Remix) (5:55)

Check the promo video for the release: YouTube | Vimeo

Roll-on 2016

It has been a long time since the last “news” update, and the past year has been relatively quiet. So as we approach the end of 2015, let’s take a look at what’s been going on, and what will be happening in the coming months:

  • The end of 2014 saw the release of the remix EP for Nikolozi‘s “Counter”. The EP is available now from the usual online retailers.
  • On December 7th, nsu will finally release the long-awaited “Resurrection” EP, which will feature several new tracks, a couple of updated oldies, and a remix of the title-track. Artists appearing on the EP include Deepstoned, Virus, Mak Floss, Haszari, Stray Theories and Absolute Value & bLazem. Some previews can already be heard on nsu’s SoundCloud page.
  • nsu plans to follow-up with another new EP – more details in the next update in early 2016. He is currently completing remixes for Haszari and Comix.
  • Also in December, we will be kicking off a semi-regular Newclear Music mix series on our Mixcloud page. The idea is to present a collection of music curated and presented by our artists – not necessarily DJ mixes, the focus will be on the selections. The first mix will be by Stray Theories. Stay tuned.

We are also preparing our next blog post, to appear by the end of the year.

Nikolozi – Counter – Remixes

Counter - Remixes

Counter – Remixes

Our last release of 2014 finally sees Nikolozi join Newclear Music as the title artist, after several remix appearances.

Nikolozi kicks off the EP with the “Drinking Blood Mix” – a raw, organic electro rearrangement of the original Counter. NZ/Canada duo Absolute Value & bLazem finally join the Newclear roster with their melodic DNB take on the original. Juan Tellez is back and follows up with more foundation-shaking bottom-heavy techno. Nort returns the line-up with more slick techy house grooves. nsu rounds up the EP with a blend of deep dubstep and proggy breaks.

The EP is available now in digital format from Beatport Pro, iTunes, JunoDownload, Traxsource, the Newclear Bandcamp Store, and the Spotify streaming service.

Nikolozi – Counter – Remixes (NCMR012EP)
1. Drinking Blood Mix (5:16)
2. Absolute Value & bLazem Remix (7:10)
3. Juan Tellez Remix (9:41)
4. Nort Remix (7:38)
5. nsu Remix (5:57)

Check the promo video for the release: Vimeo | YouTube

Squeezer – Chilled Juice – Remixes

Chilled Juice - Remixes

Chilled Juice – Remixes

The latest EP out on Newclear Music sees the return of Squeezer, for our first EP focused exclusively on chill-out styles.

Squeezer returns to the fore with a heavenly chill-out number, with undertones of slowed-down trance. Virus (of the Audio Colours collective) flavours his version with easy rollin’ breakbeats. Andy Snook is back under his Invader Tron guise, this time delivering a mellow psychedelic take on the original, featuring the talents of Azzy on the flute. Newclear family member Stray Theories stamps his signature ethereal/post-rock/ambient style on the track and nsu, as has been the custom, rounds off the release, this time with a nod to trip-hop.

The EP is available now in digital format from Beatport, iTunes, JunoDownload, Traxsource, the Newclear Bandcamp Store, and the Spotify streaming service.

Squeezer – Chilled Juice – Remixes (NCMR011EP)
1. Original Mix (5:48)
2. Virus Remix (4:58)
3. Invader Tron & Azzy Remix (7:25)
4. Stray Theories Remix (4:18)
5. nsu Remix (6:10)

Check the promo video for the release: Vimeo | YouTube