nsu РRescap̩



The first release for 2011 by  nsu is a downbeat/ambient remix concept album, showcasing the work of a select group of producers from all around New Zealand. The album is titled “Rescapé” (French for “survivor”), a play on the title of the 2009 EP “Escape”, and its release signals a game-changer:

“Having released a couple of remix singles last year, primarily focusing around styles such as dubstep, breakbeat, house, electro and techno, I wanted to flip the coin and move away from the dance floor in order put the spotlight on the more laid-back genres, while staying true to the remix art form. The intention is to have something  that, regardless of the environment, encourages people to listen and allow inside their headspace, rather than have an hour full of  slamming rhythms and pulverising basslines.” – Ivan Vuković (IV), nsu

Collaborations are the key strength of the album, as the compilation features new versions of previously released nsu tracks put together by handpicked producers:

“I love the concept of a remix and hearing how other musicians construct their own interpretations of my work. As a result I was keen to put together a full-length album project that involved artists from around the country whose work I have admired over the years – the bonus here is, I can refer to most of these guys as my friends. I love working together with other people and I’m very proud of the outcome on this album – it plays very nicely from start to end.” – IV

The album features sublime new work from respected New Zealand artists such as Auckland’s Dub Asylum and  Soul Science,  762 (one half of  Sick Cycle from Christchurch), Raglan’s Felix Deluxe and  Jason Lurman (from Hamilton instrumental rock band Sora Shima), as well as chill-out specialists from the South Island – Invader Tron (CHCH), Sharkweek (Dunedin) and Stray Theories (NZ/AUS). nsu also delivers two of his own fresh new reworks, including a collaboration with Haszari of the Cartoon Beats fame.

The album is available now in digital (MP3) format from Bandcamp, Apple iTunes, JunoDownload.com, AmazonMP3 and other online retailers. CDs can be ordered online from Amplifier.co.nz.

nsu – Rescapé - NCMR006LP
1. Broken Mirror (Felix Deluxe Remix) 3:49
2. Panic Bells feat. Siknik (762 Remix) 3:32
3. Discordia (Invader Tron Remix) 5:51
4. Juice of Life feat. Squeezer (Soul Science Remix) 6:15
5. West Coast Dub feat. Squeezer (Dub Asylum Remix) 5:14
6. Slow Motion Stellar Collapse feat. Haszari 7:00
7. Far From Comfort (Sharkweek Remix) 6:55
8. The Mystical Tree (Whakapapa Dub) 4:32
9. Sixteen 786 feat. Lost in Japan (Stray Theories Remix) 5:34
10. Upside Down feat. JR Trap (Sora Shima Remix) 8:06

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