YouTube Channel Updated, Atomix Series Growing

Almost half of 2016 has passed us, so let’s take a quick look at what’s new and on the horizon:

  • We have uploaded our entire back catalogue of official releases onto our YouTube channel. You can now listen to all the tunes we’ve released since 2009 for free on YouTube, as well as a few bonus numbers. We have also created playlists for all the releases.
  • Our Atomix series of guest mixes is growing nicely, and we are now up to #003 – the third and latest mix in the series is by bLazem, which follows mixes by Stray Theories and Haszari. We have the next couple of mixes lined up for the next few months, so stay tuned to the Newclear Mixcloud page.
  • In March, the second volume of the “Archeology” complications by nsu was released and is available as a free download from the nsu Bandcamp page. It contains instrumental and alternate versions from the “Resurrection” era as well as some previously unreleased remixes.
  • No new releases are on the horizon at this stage, but groundwork is ongoing for the next nsu EP, as he prepares to have two new remixes (for Nikolozi and Haszari) released on our partner label Cartoon Beats.
  • Blogs… yes – we need to write more blog posts… we need to work on that… stay tuned.