Soul Science – Positive Vibes – Bonus Mixes

Positive Vibes - Bonus Mixes

Positive Vibes – Bonus Mixes

To celebrate the release of the “Positive Vibes” remix EP by Soul Science, Newclear Music has unleashed a special package containing two bonus versions.

The original dubwise version by Soul Science, written in late 2006, makes its appearance on this special package. Joining it, is the afro/soca inspired version by nsu, making it his second appearance for the “Positive Vibes” remix project.

The Positive Vibes Bonus Mixes package is available now as a free download from the Newclear Bandcamp Store.

Soul Science – Positive Vibes – Remixes (NCMR010EP-X)
1. Positive Vibes (Original Mix) 7:16
2. Positive Vibes (nsu Dub) 4:06


nsu – Archeology Volume One

Archeology Volume One

Archeology Volume One

A collection to signal the transition between eras, the first installment in the “Archeology” series closes the door on the “Escape” period and all the releases since 2009 until present by nsu, to pave way for future releases.

The concept of the “Archeology” series is to dig up versions of older tunes which did not see light of day on any official releases, and unleash them to the fans, as a free download. These tracks were previously either available exclusively to DJ’s and radio stations, or were kept under wraps.

Amongst the 16 tracks in the first volume are collaborations with Squeezer, Siknik and JR Trap, as well remixes from the likes of Nikolozi, Bromide Dub, and Sharkweek.

The collection is available now in digital format, as a free download from Bandcamp.


nsu – Archeology Volume One - NCMR012DD
1. Juice of Life feat. Squeezer (Edit) 3:23
2. West Coast Dub feat. Squeezer (Edit) 4:20
3. Panic Bells feat. Siknik (Edit) 4:24
4. Upside Down feat. JR Trap (Edit) 4:28
5. Discordia (Edit) 4:26
6. Panic Bells feat. Siknik (Bromide Dub VIP Mix) 8:49
7. Neutron Star MMX (VIP Dub Mix) 6:17
8. Concordia 6:46
9. The Mystical Tree (Nikolozi Remix) 7:44
10. Upside Down (Instrumental) 5:25
11. Panic Bells (Extended Instrumental) 7:05
12. Discordia (Club Edit) 6:04
13. Upside Down feat. JR Trap (Clean Edit) 4:28
14. Neutron Star MMX (Sharkweek Remix) 4:44
15. Panic Bells feat. Siknik (Siknik Remix) 3:29
16. Upside Down feat. JR Trap (Acapella) 5:25