Newclear Music was born in early 2009, in Auckland, New Zealand. It is a small, underground, boutique label that releases music from a variety of electronic genres.

The label is centered around collaborative remix EP projects (typically 4 to 6 tracks), and we release an average of 2 EP’s per year. Our goal and mission is to bring musicians from around the world together, in order to promote a collaborative and community-based approach to producing and releasing music.

We wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for the invaluable assistance and hard from from great friends like Andrew Snook of Tron Audio (mastering), Karl Howe of Winteractiv (design), Alek Janev (video), Micah Wolfe (video) and Vlado ÄŒaÄ‘enović (design).

Newclear Music is run by Ivan Vuković (aka nsu), and today operates out of Novi Sad and Belgrade in Serbia.

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